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Almost complete South Africa slideshows!

After reading James Michener's book, The Covenant, I wanted to visit South Africa and while serving as a kibbutz volunteer in Israel I met plenty of white South Africans, some of British descent, others of Dutch, and a few colored girls. The one colored girl (mulatto), Celeste, was roommate of my best British girlfriend Donna at Kibbutz Sdot Yam and said, "You must visit South Africa" and invited me to stay with her family in Athlone, Cape Town.

My German roommates' girlfriend at Kibbutz Reshafim was Debbie, a white girl from South Africa. When I was staying at Kibbutz Ha'On and seriously thinking about visiting South Africa, I received a letter from Debbie saying I must visit South Africa and not to worry about where to stay and such, so I wrote and told them all I was on my way and was there for 7 weeks, three with Celeste's lovely family. Both gracious families took me around and showed me the sites!

I say almost complete SA slideshows because I misplaced a few of my favorite pictures that I remember but can't find. Such is life, eh?

Suid Africa! (South Africa) photo album 1
Suid Africa! (South Africa) photo album 2
Suid Afrika! (South Africa & Zimbabwe) #3
Suid Africa (South Africa) 4
Suid Afrika (South Africa) 5

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Senator Sherrod Brown's reply

Sherrod Brown on Obama's Birth Certificate

From: "Sherrod Brown"
To: davidbenariel
Subject: Reply from Senator Sherrod Brown
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 11:17:52 -0500

Dear Mr. Ben-Ariel:

Thank you for contacting me regarding President Barack Obama.

President Obama has provided several news organizations with a copy of his birth certificate, showing he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. Hawaii became a state in 1959, and all individuals born in Hawaii after its admission are considered natural-born United States citizens. In addition, the Hawaii State Health Department recently issued a public statement verifying the authenticity of President Obama's birth certificate.

Thank you again for contacting me.

Sherrod Brown


Obama's Identity Theft & Terrorism
Obama, as acting president, has authority to open his suspiciously sealed records.

I seriously doubt the reason the fraud and foreigner FAILS to produce proof he is a natural born citizen - not just a citizen - is due to fears of identity theft. Obama appears to be engaged in the greatest identity theft right now as a president usurper. He has incriminated himself. Obviously he has something to hide and won't open up to us legitimate American citizens - "We The People" - and disclose his original birth certificate.

Shame on the useful idiots who aid and abet Obama's terrorism against US, against our Constitution, against our Republic. America is under a curse and Obama's African coup is further proof of it.

Demand proof Obama's a natural born citizen!

Roman wolves prey upon weak Jews

The bloody vulture Shimon Peres (Peres is Hebrew for vulture) is right where the Vatican-controlled Israeli oligarchy wants him to be: positioned as president of Israel, dark prince of perfidy, as orchestrated. Woe to Ariel! Jerusalem will soon suffer EU occupation: THE GERMANS ARE COMING!

Former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin exposed Shimon Peres as
"an indefatigable subversive" in his autobiography. Many Israelis believe this is true but have done nothing to stop Shimon Peres dead in his tracks as he runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, undermining Jerusalem for the Germans and Jesuits and hoping to be king of the Jews, while the Israeli politicians, the Jewish leaders, remain compact with their conspiracy of silence to Rabin's blood that cries out for justice (the first victim of Europe's New Crusade).

Ezekiel 22
1 Moreover the word of the LORD came to me, saying, 2 "Now, son of man, will you judge, will you judge the bloody city? Yes, show her all her abominations! 3 Then say, 'Thus says the Lord GOD: "The city sheds blood in her own midst... 4 You have become guilty by the blood which you have shed...6 "Look, the princes of Israel: each one has used his power to shed blood in you... 9 In you are men who slander to cause bloodshed... 12 In you they take bribes to shed blood; you take usury and increase; you have made profit from your neighbors by extortion, and have forgotten Me," says the Lord GOD. 13 "Behold, therefore, I beat My fists at the dishonest profit which you have made, and at the bloodshed which has been in your midst. 14 Can your heart endure, or can your hands remain strong, in the days when I shall deal with you? I, the LORD, have spoken, and will do it. 15 I will scatter you among the nations, disperse you throughout the countries, and remove your filthiness completely from you. 16 You shall defile yourself in the sight of the nations; then you shall know that I am the LORD.""

Justice demands the arrest of Shimon Peres and criminal company, and an internationally televised trial for his treason - everything from the accursed Oslo accords to his suspected part in the murder of Yitzhak Rabin.

Yitzhak Rabin was sacrificed by the Israeli oligarchy for their German-Jesuit masters intent on occupying Jerusalem and ripping the heart out of Israel.

The naive and wickedly ambitious, collaborators, make it so much easier for the
Vatican to seal its plans for Jerusalem! Roman wolves in sheep's clothing preach peace and tolerance while waging war against the Jews and proving they're intolerant of Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem and are out to undermine it as "diplomatically" as they can: Jerusalem under siege with smiles, of course, and plenty of handshakes and gifts.

Psalms 28:3
Who speak peace to their neighbors,
But evil is in their hearts.

The wise learn from the Bible and history to beware Babylonian envoys:

2 Kings 20
12 At that time Berodach-Baladan the son of Baladan, king of Babylon, sent letters and a present to Hezekiah, for he heard that Hezekiah had been sick [why how nice of him! What could possibly be wrong with letters and a gift showing "compassion" for Hezekiah's ill state?] 13 And Hezekiah was attentive to them, and showed them all the house of his treasures—the silver and gold, the spices and precious ointment, and all his armory—all that was found among his treasures. There was nothing in his house or in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them.
14 Then Isaiah the prophet went to King Hezekiah, and said to him, “What did these men say, and from where did they come to you?”
So Hezekiah said, “They came from a far country, from Babylon.”
15 And he said, “What have they seen in your house?”
So Hezekiah answered, “They have seen all that is in my house; there is nothing among my treasures that I have not shown them.”
16 Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, “Hear the word of the LORD: 17 ‘Behold, the days are coming when all that is in your house, and what your fathers have accumulated until this day, shall be carried to Babylon; nothing shall be left,’ says the LORD. 18 ‘And they shall take away some of your sons who will descend from you, whom you will beget; and they shall be eunuchs in the palace of the king of Babylon.’”

No to Netanyahu

Re: Netanyahu: I Won't Form an Extreme Right-Wing Gov't

CFR Netanyahu is all talk and no action when it comes to loving and preserving the Jewish homeland. He cannot be trusted! He's proven it. Bibi failed to make Oslo null and void, Bibi surrendered Hevron, and most wickedly - Bibi failed to open the Temple Mount to *Jewish worship as he said he would! Don't get chummy with Bibi because he'll stab Israel in the back! Go for Ketzaleh.

*Benjamin Netanyahu: "The right of the Jewish people to its holy place - the Temple Mount - cannot be questioned...I believe it is necessary to arrange for Jewish prayer on the site, especially given that we permit freedom of worship to all the religions in Jerusalem...". And his office charged Palestinian officials with "disparaging Jewish holy sites and threatening potential worshippers" (in flagrant violation of Israel's 1967 Law for the Protection of the Holy Places and the Oslo Accords). His deputy director of communications, Michael Freund, responded to the PA mufti's declaration of war (that Jews "...must absolutely forget about having any rights over the Temple Mount...the Western Wall is just a fence belonging to a Muslim holy site") by saying "these statements are repugnant and they betray a contempt for Judaism's most sacred sites and beliefs. They are an affront to history and insulting to Jews everywhere."

Dangerous Ideas?

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews

Israel's Only Way Out: Follow Kahane!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's Identity Theft & Terrorism

Obama's Identity Theft & Terrorism
Obama, as acting president, has authority to open his suspiciously sealed records.

I seriously doubt the reason the fraud and foreigner FAILS to produce proof he is a natural born citizen - not just a citizen - is due to fears of identity theft. Obama appears to be engaged in the greatest identity theft right now as a president usurper. He has incriminated himself. Obviously he has something to hide and won't open up to us legitimate American citizens - "We The People" - and disclose his original birth certificate.

Shame on the useful idiots who aid and abet Obama's terrorism against US, against our Constitution, against our Republic. America is under a curse and Obama's African coup is further proof of it.

Demand proof Obama's a natural born citizen!


Beyond Babylon



Living Church of God: Commentary

Could worldwide deflation lead to national hyperinflation? For years, economists have worried about inflation. But now, the fear of deflation is haunting governments and business leaders alike. Could we experience a devastating deflationary period followed by an almost unimaginable death-blow of rapid "Zimbabwe-like" inflation? How can you prepare? Read more

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall by David Ben-Ariel

Mr. Ben-Ariel clearly has a God-given love for the Jews and the nation of Israel. His Israeli lawyer has stated that David's "future is linked with that of the Jews," and Gershon Salomon, chairman of the Temple Mount Faithful says, "God has some special task" for him. His sacred bond with the land and people of Israel has been strengthened over the years by his service as a volunteer on eight kibbutzim (collective farms) throughout the Holy Land, including during Operation Desert Storm. As a firm believer in the Israelite roots and responsibilities of the Anglo-Saxons and Northwestern European peoples, David works towards the ultimate reconciliation and restoration of Joseph with Judah. As a student of biblical prophecy, he is alarmed about Germany and the Vatican's increasing control of the European continent, remodeling it after the Holy Roman Empire. As the outspoken author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall, he is determined to do all he can to help wake up the world to the clear and present danger Germany poses to world peace, with a special emphasis on the Middle East.

East Toledoan calls his book, Beyond Babylon, God’s final warning

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall by David Ben-Ariel

Beyond Babylon (free to read online)

Beyond Babylon

Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't make deals with the Devil!

Re: Pope Removes Ban on British Holocaust Denier Bishop

Mordechai Lewy, Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, was actually right: Israel doesn't [and shouldn't] have any intentions to interfere in the internal workings of the Catholic Church.

Now, if only the Israeli government would demand the same respect from the accursed Vatican. But how is that possible when the bloody vulture Shimon Peres (and others of his treacherous ilk) are collaborating with Babylon to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem, especially the coveted Temple Mount?

Instead of wringing hands over real or imagined holocaust-deniers (or the questionable proportion of the holocaust), and how it could throw fuel on the fires of antisemitism, let Jews use their hands productively: pack your bags and go home to Israel where you belong!

Rome's final revival is imminent and Europe's New Crusade in near.

For Zion's sake,
David Ben-Ariel

Germany and Israel against Iran

Re: Containment Course (Gaza and Iran)

The German-Jesuit EU hides behind Jewish shields and Roman wolves in sheep's clothing.

Europe to Take Out Iran For Jerusalem
As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

The German-EU threat to Israel

Jerusalem Under Siege!

Dangerous German Ambitions

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Kingdom of God open to all mankind

Comment received re:"President Barack Obama sound good to you?":

I am dissapointed in your views about Obama regarding him as a "gentile" with a white mother and a Black father. He is partly white and partly black. Does not the Jewish community recognize all those who comes out a Jewish mother's womb as Jewish? Does that not count for white mother's womb also?

Which apart of Obama is to be sent to Africa? His white part inwardly or his black part outwardly?

As a religious person admirer of H.W. Armstrong you should have known what apostle Paul stated in Col 3:11
"Where there is neither Greek nor Jew, circumcision nor uncircumcision, Barbarian, Scythian, bond [nor] free: but Christ [is] all, and in all." Is this not also inspired by same God of the Old Testament?

So Obama born from a white mother and being a Christian, what is he a black African?
Time to update your views.

Socram Selasor


You should be disappointed that you have trouble with the Word of God that reveals since Obama's father is a Gentile, he is a Gentile. Why insist he must be an Israelite? Are you a racist? ;-) Abraham was a Gentile! And he is the father of the faithful!

I'm a Christian-Zionist, not a follower of Judaism, although I know they go by the mother's side to determine RELIGION - not race.

Peter spoke of those who would twist Paul's words, and at best you've simply misunderstood them.

The same Paul who said "we're all equal now" (in so many words), forbid women preachers! He also acknowledged he is a Jew, from the Tribe of Benjamin, an Israelite.

Was Paul being hypocritical? NO! What Paul was teaching is that all of us - regardless of sex or race - share the same ultimate potential to be born again into the Kingdom-Family of God!

When we become Spirit-filled Christians, it is meant to change our hearts and minds in preparation for the Kingdom of God, not alter our sex or affect our race!

I encourage you to update your information so that it computes with the way God thinks (Isaiah 55:7-9).

David Ben-Ariel

Obama's African Coup

Obama's African Coup in America

How will the president usurper act when they come to take him away? When the Constitution is again upheld and the laws of this land he has shown contempt for enforced? The fraud and foreigner, the African Obama, aided and abetted by treacherous politicians, justices, and conservative cowards, has led a coup against the Constitution of the United States.

Usurper Obama's coup is a dark episode in our American history, a black day in America, but it will soon be history, as justice demands. If acting president Barack Hussein Obama is not a fraud and a foreigner, a usurper, let him prove he is a natural born citizen and settle this case once and for all. Otherwise he remains illegitimate and none of his decisions binding, but rendered null and void as unconstitutional.

Imagine the first presidential library where they refuse to show an original birth certificate but present a dubious copy or cheap certification! Obama's records in the United States and Kenya are SEALED. What's Obama hiding?

The Obama emperor has no clothes - and some of us won't let folks forget it! No justice, no peace. We'll cry aloud and spare not until the might of right prevails, so help us God.

Demand proof Obama's a natural born citizen!

The people "have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge-- I mean of the character and conduct of their rulers."
-- John Adams (1735-1826)

If Obama is the usurper he appears to be, America has a BIG PROBLEM - regardless of whether or not those who have been Obamatized grasp the seriousness of the situation or others (who amount to conservative cowards) are afraid to state the emperor has no clothes.

Either Obama is a legitimate natural born citizen or he is a president usurper who needs to be dealt with swiftly, as the law of the land demands.

Every legitimate American must write and/or call their *representatives and demand proof Obama is a natural born citizen.

"It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men." -- Samuel Adams (1722-1803)

David Ben-Ariel

*Click here to contact your elected officials

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama: open your sealed records!

Obama: unconscionable and unconstitutional?

Re: Obama Warns Republicans, Quit Listening To Rush Limbaugh If You Want To Get Things Done

Rush Limbaugh is one of those conservative cowards who FAILED to demand Obama prove he is a natural born citizen. It may come back to haunt such hypocrites if that fraud and foreigner, that president usurper, knocks them off the air. After all, the same Constitution that guarantees freedoms of speech and religion requires our president to be a natural born citizen.

We have seen no proof that Obama fulfills this Constitutional qualification of being a natural born citizen, and unconscionable Obama has failed to provide it, refuses to be open and honest - his records remain sealed - and therefore he rightly remains under a dark cloud of suspicion.

Illegitimate Obama appears to be an affirmative action president, plain and simple and unconstitutional.

David Ben-Ariel

Friday, January 23, 2009

Spokesman Club Certificate of Merit

Worldwide Church of God Spokesman Club

Presenting the Worldwide Church of God Spokesman Club
Toledo, Ohio 1982 (George Kackos, minister)

From Back Left to Right:
Richard Fox, Emery Harsanje, Leroy Hoffman (my "adopted" father in God's Church), Richard Sandilands, Larry Mavis, Clyde McDonald, Ramon Corpus, Lonnie Robinson, Steve Diefenbach, Bob Harsanje, Joe Taylor, Clarence Reihing, Job McDonald, David Hoover (changed to David Ben-Ariel in '89), George Kackos (minister)

Front Row from Left to Right:
Carl Nachtrieb, Terry Mavis, Carl Dahling, Terry Rau, Jerome Brooks, Chet Kennedy, Michael Monarch

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cracked pond of Galilee?

Sea of Galilee drops to critical levels
Amidst driest winter in 80 years, Israel forced to stop pumping water from Sea of Galilee


Will the Israelis repent?
Not only the Jews, but British Israelites are in dire need of spiritual refreshing from on High. Will Israel and Judah repent and return or suffer destruction, defeat and deportation?

I used to live at Kibbutz Ha'On on the Sea of Galilee and saw how dangerously low it went before in ''91, and yet Israelis have typically failed to use this period of grace to change for the better.

The path leading from Kibbutz Ha'On to the Sea of Galilee was where the water was supposed to be! Later if finally filled up again and covered the weeds and erased the path, but will it now?

Image Hosted by

Ravaged by Weather and War
Thomas Jefferson was moved to remark: "My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!"

British-Israelites and Jews in Grave Danger

The Jerusalem Conference

The German-EU threat to Israel

Re: 'Bogey' Ya'alon to Address 6th Jerusalem Conference Monday

1) Will the Jerusalem Conference address the threat the German-dominated EU poses to Israeli security? Will they beware Europe's NEW CRUSADE for peace in the Middle East, as driven by the bloody Vatican?

Jerusalem Under Siege!

2) Will the Jerusalem Conference demand the religious rights of Jews and Christians to worship upon the Temple Mount must be respected and protected?

Jews Must Demand Rights to Temple Mount

3) Will the Jerusalem Conference recognize and embrace British Israelites as Joseph, hastening the process of redemption?

Joseph isn't Jewish!

4) Will the Jerusalem Conference hear the cries of Yitzhak Rabin's blood for justice and reopen the incriminating Rabin files, acknowledging Shimon Peres came to power over Rabin's dead body?

Shimon Peres Came to Power Over Rabin's Dead Body

5) Will the Jerusalem Conference demand an end to the ethnic cleansing of Jews and call for Israel to remove the Arab threat?

Don't Expel Jews From Gaza!

6) Will the Jerusalem Conference expose how corrupt and influential the Israeli oligarchy remains, slaves to their German-Jesuit EU masters?

EU to Conquer Anglo-Saxons and Jews

7) Will the Jerusalem Conference lift the unjust ban against David Ben-Ariel who yearns to return to Zion?

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

"The shadow..."

Living Church of God: Commentary

Commentary: "The shadow..."
My family walked in the shadow of death this last year. Not a pleasant subject, to be sure, but one that was thrust upon us nonetheless. I lost my mother in April, 2008. She was elderly and infirm, and for the last two years of her life suffered from the scourge of Alzheimer's disease. So, while it was sad to close that chapter, it was not unexpected, nor was it tragic. It was quite naturally her time to die, as it states in book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3. On the heels of that loss... Read more

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Would you pray for Obama?

To pray or not to pray for Obama?

Joseph Farah of says to "Pray Obama Fails".

Joel Hilliker of the Philadelphia Trumpet says to "Pray for the President".

Are they both saying the same thing?

Some go to one extreme and some go to the other extreme. As far as proper respect for government and leaders, God help us to be balanced according to His Word.

As Mr. Hilliker noted, and I would emphasize in these trying times: "If a human command conflicts with God’s law, however, we must obey God—and then submit to the punishment; Acts 5:29."

Joseph Farah is right to encourage folks to pray Obama fails.

Joel Hilliker is right to encourage folks to pray for the president.

Of course our beloved country is under a curse or they would have never elected the illegitimate Gentile Obama! But part of our repentance is to acknowledge that fact and then go forward in attitude and in actions, in words and in deeds, and make sure Obama fails by returning to biblical standards (the Law of Moses tempered with the Sermon on the Mount) and reject our physical and spiritual idolatry and immorality that have brought us to this low point where British Israelites and Jews are in grave danger.

Joseph Farah and many others need to plea to diehard Catholics & Protestants to repent - if Obama is to fail.

"We The People" can reverse the curse by repentance, so help us God, or we'll soon be ravaged by weather and war. There actually comes a time, and it appears we're almost there, when we are to no longer pray for our people, no longer to intercede for God to withhhold divine punishment from our leaders or nation! (Jeremiah 7:16; 11:14; 14:11).

Was Isaiah wrong for being critical or disparaging his government?

Isaiah 1
14 Alas, sinful nation,
A people laden with iniquity,
A brood of evildoers,
Children who are corrupters!
They have forsaken the LORD,
They have provoked to anger
The Holy One of Israel,
They have turned away backward.
5 Why should you be stricken again?
You will revolt more and more.
The whole head is sick,
And the whole heart faints.

6 From the sole of the foot even to the head,
There is no soundness in it,
But wounds and bruises and putrefying sores;
They have not been closed or bound up,
Or soothed with ointment.
7 Your country is desolate,
Your cities are burned with fire;
Strangers devour your land in your presence;
And it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.

Isaiah dared to address the issue of treacherous and destructive militant minorities in the inner cities and rebuked Israel's government and people for it!

God's Word reveals many courageous servants who didn't merely pray for their leaders but took them to task. Remember John the Baptist and Herod? Moses and Pharaoh? Elijah and Ahab? It even got JB killed for daring to speak the plain truth to power. He told Herod it wasn't lawful for him to be in his adulterous affair and everybody knew about it! To fail to do less, isn't doing anybody a favor.

Was Elijah being disrespectful when he accused the king and his family of forsaking truth for tradition and cursing the nation?

1 Kings 17
17 Then it happened, when Ahab saw Elijah, that Ahab said to him, “Is that you, O troubler of Israel?”
18 And he answered, “I have not troubled Israel, but you and your father’s house have, in that you have forsaken the commandments of the LORD and have followed the Baals.

I don't want to be more righteous than God or more civil than the Prophets, but Christians are to learn how to judge, leaving the final judgment with the Father. Tough love is necessary at times, and facts shouldn't be dimissed as disparaging but recognized as genuine constructive criticism, even if ultra-sensitive or hypocritical folks feel disagree. Otherwise, how is it possible to obey Isaiah's divine decree to "Cry aloud and SPARE NOT and show my people their sins and the House of Jacob their transgressions"?

It was not lawful, it was a sin, for White Israelites to elect the Gentile usurper Obama, besides the fact he's never proven he's a natural born citizen (and thus very well could be illegitimate politically and spiritually), regardless if the Church of God ministers fail to say so publicly, but cowardly whisper among themselves.

Deuteronomy 17
15 shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses; one from among your brethren [your own kind] you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner [Gentile] over you, who is not your brother.

Hosea 8
4 They set up kings, but not by Me; They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them...

Is the plain truth too strong?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Usurper Obama

President Usurper Obama

President Usurper Obama,
Have you no fear of God? Do you consider yourself greater than Nimrod? Don't you know the Tower of Babel fell? That Satan was cast down from Heaven as a reject after lifting himself up so high?

President Usurper Obama,
Don't you know that according to the ethnocentric Bible (with its focus on the family of Jacob) you are a fraud and a foreigner - a Gentile - who has no right to occupy the White House? Not only because you've been proud and stubborn and failed to respect the legitimate concerns of Americans who demand proof you are a natural born citizen, showing contempt for our Constitution and those who hold it dear, but because Manifest Destiny decrees this a White Israelite country (that has blessed every color and creed willing to submit to that fact).

President Usurper Obama,
REPENT and resign, and return to Africa where you belong or be driven from office in God's good time with a plague upon your house.

A Bible-believing Christian and legitimate American,
David Ben-Ariel

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

Monday, January 19, 2009

The REAL JESUS Can't Return Until...

Prophecy clearly reveals that the REAL JESUS CHRIST will not return to Earth from Heaven (in full view of all mankind -- not from some secret EU or Vatican chamber or desert cave) until after Jerusalem has suffered under a Gentile EU occupation for three and one half years

The REAL JESUS Can't Return Until...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Warning the World

Joes and Jews Unite!

Recognizing my Hebrew roots, I've already returned to keeping the biblical Sabbath, biblical festivals, biblical dietary laws and recognize Yeshua as the Son of Man, and look up to Him as the Suffering Servant, our soon coming King who will liberate Jerusalem from the German-Jesuit EU, but I never demand others believe the same way, as many Torah-observant Jews can testify.

Estranged Joseph and Judah will be reconciled!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Somebody posted on my LiveJournal site:

Looks like your post has been picked up by

Shame on the Conservative Cowards!

Don't confuse Catholics with Christians!

Re: Europe Reimports Jew Hatred

much misery was cast upon the Jewish-American by Christians accusing the Jews of killing Christ. Christians spat, cursed and killed Jews for having those thoughts. Those who believe that were generally stupid and unlearned

Those “generally stupid and unlearned” folk were Roman Catholics - not Christians. Even as most Jews don’t want to be associated with those liberal and godless Jews who often make the headlines and cause great disturbances in both domestic and foreign affairs, the so-called “Zionists” (I always correct folks that Zionists and Zionism are good - that the Jews they’re referring to are evil globalists, UNJews, Hellenists), neither do Bible-believing Christians want to be falsely associated with hateful Roman Catholicism, which we know and understand and expose is nothing but the Babylonian Mystery religion in “Christian” drag, misleading the masses.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Joseph's Tomb

New Film for Rebuilding Joseph's Tomb to Premiere in Big Apple

by Gil Ronen

( The Samaria (Shomron) Regional Council is stepping up its effort to rebuild the Tomb of Joseph in Shechem, which was desecrated by Arabs in the year 2000, and is about to begin screenings of an original film about the recent rebuilding of the tomb.

Americans for a Safe Israel will be sponsoring the premiere screening of the film Wednesday, January 21st at 7:30 p.m. at the Edmond J. Safra Synagogue (11 E. 63rd St. between 5th and Madison, NYC). David HaIvri of the Shomron Liaison Office will present the film.

A preview of the film can be viewed here:

On October 1, 2000, Arabs attacked an IDF force that had been stationed in the tomb and killed one soldier. They then ransacked the tomb and desecrated it. Since then, Jews have not been able to enter the tomb in daylight hours. The IDF has allowed a series of nighttime visits by Jews in the past year. It claims that daytime visits constitute a security risk.

For information on additional screenings in the US contact

Joseph isn't Jewish! Joseph is the son of Rachel, the forefather of the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples. Leah is the mother of the Jewish people, although Rachel is also the mother of Benjamin (Joseph's beloved brother) and some from the tribe of Benjamin went with Judah when the northern Ten Tribes went apostate and suffered defeat and deportation by the Assyrians (as Judah later fell to the Babylonians, failing to learn from history).

Christian Zionists (like Orde Wingate) recognize that God has blessed our Jewish brethren to serve as His custodians of the Promised Land of Israel, to be the first to return to Zion, to clear the way as pioneers and hold the land in trust for all Twelve Tribes of Israel, and so many of them do (even though hampered by Hellenists and persecuted by UNJews).

Today Israel is the Jewish homeland and our British Israelite nations should encourage our Jewish brethren to refuse to surrender an inch to our sworn enemies, to liberate those biblical territories still suffering under Arab occupation, and tend to the Holy Land of Israel with tender loving care, especially the Temple Mount.

Have Hope!

"Remember the word unto Thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope."
Psalm 119.49

Don't Give Up!
If you begin to cry out to God for help, even if it's only a whimper because you're so weak, He'll see and hear and respond. "The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saves such as be of a contrite spirit... none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate" (Ps. 34:18, 22).

Overcome in Christ Daily
GOOD NEWS: Yeshua is able to break the bonds of sin and set free those who are slaves, saving us from both sin's eternal death penalty and delivering us from the sin. Some deny this POWER and only want the pardon but the Throne of Grace offers both.

The MAN Christ Jesus

1 Timothy 2:5
There is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.

Most "Christians" would take offense and strongly disagree with Paul. Traditional Christianity would state the GOD Christ Jesus, not "the man Christ Jesus." Ever think about it?


Martin Luther King Day?

I had a letter published in The Blade (Toledo, Ohio) and sent to President Reagan, pleading with him not to commit the folly of creating any foolish “Martin Luther King Day.” Our fellow black Americans, generally speaking, still hated President Reagan after the fact and still don’t practice the good things (there were some good things) King preached.

If we’re to be judged by the content of our character rather than the color of our skin, why continue to demand quotas and curves and tolerate such racist organizations as the NAACP or look the other way at reverse discrimination (like the fly in the ointment of the Sphinx Organization) - the new institutionalized racism? Why tolerate the glaring double standards of the Congressional Black Caucus or ignore or downplay hatred, discrimination, racism - against whites?

Why doesn’t somebody do a documentary on those humble folk marching back then (with their useful idiot whites, too many liberal Jews) with a split screen exposing “niggas with attitude” (a black phrase), the rampant crime, outrageous rates of illegitimacy, unemployment by choice, gangs, welfare projects, black on black violence (not to mention assault on others), the “menace to society” mentality (another black phrase, thanks to excellent director Albert Hughes), disproportionate black prison population and the verbal lynching concerned blacks suffer mercilessly when they dare speak out against such inexcusable poverty of the spirit and moral degradation, slavery to sin and self-destruction?

It is appropriate on this black holiday (and that’s what it amounts to, in all honesty), to consider this issue of race from a biblical perspective that those horribly brainwashed by the politically correct cult hate with a passion and rage against in vile anarchist fashion, drowning out any reason and voice other than their own.

Regardless, this biblical truth must be shared, must be made known, while we still have the freedom to exercise our God-given rights of speech and religion.

Is interracial marriage wrong? Did God intend for the races to be separate? Did God divide the nations, segregate the peoples, to preserve distinct family ties?

The plain truth is made known in Race Matters.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Germany and Mexico against US

Mindful of dangerous German ambitions - does the Grand Design, the German Plan for World Domination, basically remain the same, with updates?

"No one had more spies in America than the German government. These operatives were wreaking havoc in a country that they desperately wanted to keep out of the war and Wilson was turning the other cheek. German U-Boats sank vessels with American passengers and Wilson lodged protests but kept his hope for peace alive. Several times there was a hint of Germany’s plans to incite Mexico to war with the US but Wilson single-mindedly looked past it. Showing their disrespect for these actions, Germany decided they must chance unconditional submarine warfare on shipping in the Atlantic in order to win the war.

This was to begin on 1 Feb 1917. In order to insure America could not retaliate in Europe, German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmerman sent a telegram to the Mexican Government offering to give them Texas, New Mexico and Arizona if they would invade the United States. On 17 Jan 1917, Alfred Ewing’s Room 40 team deciphered it and gave the message to England’s Director of naval Intelligence, Sir William Hall. On 5 Feb 1917, they uncovered another dispatch from Zimmerman, directing Mexico to start implementing the plan immediately rather than waiting for the US to declare war. "

- The Zimmerman Telegram (Roger Saunders)

That was then, this is now...

Death to America: Major American Cities Targeted by Terrorists?
Will Providence permit foreign murderers in our midst (in attitude, if not yet in action) to unleash nuclear fires within our major cities? Will militant minorities work with them against us? Won't our British-Israelite brethren suffer the same within their respective biblical inheritances?

Is The Mexican Manifesto . . . Mein Kampf Revisited?

German arms to Gaza

German Arms to Gaza

The news agency Reuters reported that a German shipping company is involved in arms deliveries for the war on Gaza. According to the report, a German ship took on an exceptionally voluminous cargo of US American combat material destined for the Israeli port Ashdod. A second delivery is currently being prepared. Because of its obvious connection to the war on Gaza, British military experts have characterized the shipments as "irregular." German participation draws attention to Berlin's arms exports to the Middle East, with which Germany has over the past few years been arming both Israel and several of the Arab states. German weapons have been helping to fuel the tensions that, from the outset, have been inflaming the region... Click here to read the rest


American cooperation with good Nazis is nothing new. Neither are dangerous German ambitions. The German leopard has not changed its spots, and the Assyrian eagles' talons are everywhere (as Herbert W. Armstrong warned they would be).

What's new is the Frankenstein Monster we've helped to create will destroy US, first betraying our Jewish brethren in Israel and then launching a nuclear blitzkrieg against us, aided and abetted by American and Jewish collaborators.

Jerusalem Under Siege!


Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

Drunk again!

Living Church of God: Commentary
Commentary: Drunk again!
The good ol' USA has been on a binge. A real drunk. A fall down, slobbering, substance abuse induced intoxication. I'm not talking about alcohol or illicit drugs, but a binge nonetheless. And, as in an alcoholic stupor which leads to a terrific hangover, this country is feeling the painful effect of its overindulgence.
What am I referring to? Click here to read more.

Ron Paul is clueless on Gaza

Ron Paul's sympathy for the devil

Re: Congressman Ron Paul condemns the violence in the Gaza Strip, saying the "collective punishment"

Ron Paul doesn't have a clue when it comes to the Nazi Muslims, and how the "innocent" people of Gaza voted for the terrorist Hamas, and now are suffering some of the consequences for their choice. It's so sad those "innocent' children can't continue to watch Hamas TV terrorist cartoons uninterrupted, teaching them to want to die for their moon god and bloody religion and false prophet. Besides, Ron Paul has lost credibility with his abysmal failure to demand that fraud and foreign, Obama, prove his alleged American citizenship!

Israel needs to destroy the hornet's nest of Gaza, whether or not far removed people like Ron Paul understand or approve.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Illegitimate Gentile President Elect

We've disobeyed God and will suffer the consequences like our White Israelite brethren in Rhodesia and South Africa... We've empowered the Gentiles to lord it over us and so they shall.

Gentile Obama is an ILLEGITIMATE president, as far as the ethnocentric Bible goes.

Deuteronomy 17
15 shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses; one from among your brethren [your own kind] you shall set as king over you; you may not set a foreigner [Gentile] over you, who is not your brother.

Hosea 8
4 They set up kings, but not by Me; They made princes, but I did not acknowledge them...

Race Matters

Black Day in America: Obama Wins, America Loses

We The People - Stand up or get stomped on!

German Armed Forces

Re: A Household Word:

I'd like to say to the anonymous poster who stated Germany does not even have Armed Forces anymore, where have you been for the past 20 years? As far back as the mid 90s, the German Luftwaffe has had fighter jet planes in the USA, stationed at Holloman AFB, NM, and training with our Air Force. You can read a history of their Air Force here: The German Air Force now has over 400 aircraft of their own. And they have had no small contingent of military forces fighting alongside the American and British forces in Afghanistan since the early part of this decade. As a matter of fact, they are the largest Allied force there after the American and British forces. They do indeed have a military force, and that force will one day be turned against us again, with very different results next time.
Jim T

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Re: Yes, it's anti-Semitism

British commentator Melanie Phillips has written. "First it wanted the Jewish religion, and then the Jews themselves, to disappear; now it wants the Jewish state to disappear."

Sounds like Melanie Phillips is referring to the UNJews, the Hellenists, the globalist and treacherous Jews like Ariel Sharon and Shimon Peres and criminal company, the corrupt and murderous Israeli oligarchy. Such Jewish collaborators with the German-Jesuit EU are far more dangerous than any Nazi Muslims or apostate Christians could ever be, and provide the new Greco-Syrians, the new Babylonians, an opening against Israel, a breach in the walls of Jerusalem, undermining Israeli sovereignty, inviting attacks against Jews and brutally betraying the Temple Mount.

Jerusalem Under Siege!


Vatican Linked to the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin?

Beyond Babylon warns the Jews!

Tevet 10 is the fast day the Jews mourn King Nebuchadnezzar's siege of Jerusalem that led to its desolation: the destruction of the Temple and the deportation of the Jews. (I was actually born on Tevet 10 - January 10, 1960).

By the grace of God, there's a FULL PAGE AD in the Jewish Voice and Opinion (this month of Tevet) warning its Jewish audience that a German-led Europe will wage a New Crusade to enforce the Vatican's version of peace - that Babylon has begun its new siege against Jerusalem:



The FULL PAGE AD (on page 17) proceeds to direct them to Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall where my beliefs are on public record.

Download the January 2009 issue PDF here!
The Jewish Voice and Opinion speaks out forcefully and unashamedly for the unique concerns of what we have termed "classical Judaism." As a politically conservative Jewish publication, we take as our mission to present news and feature articles not generally available elsewhere in the Jewish or secular media.

Now in its 23th year, The Jewish Voice and Opinion has been influential in religious and political circles throughout the United States, Israel, and elsewhere. It is often quoted and reprinted. It has been admired, feared, often debated, but never ignored.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

False teachers against the law

Re: Reprobate Christians?

Originally Posted by Marvin
Jesus was from Galilee.

I know most Catholics are ignorant of the Scriptures, so why don't you do yourself a favor and read the rest of the story? Yeshua was born in the City of David, the town of Bethlehem, because He is a direct descendant of King David, a JEW, as the Law and the Prophets required of the King of the JEWS, the King of ISRAEL. Why are you trying to cast suspicion on His qualifications? Who do you work for? What is your agenda against the Jewish King, the Son of DAVID?

Jesus's continued flouting of Pharisaical sabbath regulations so infuriated the Pharisees that they decided to have him killed.

Yes, Yeshua kept the holy commandments of God, including the seventh day Sabbath command (or He would have been a sinner, not the pure Passover Lamb), even if Yeshua broke with TRADITION like true Christians do today and infuriate the Catholic whores and Protestant prostitutes, stuck in the muck of Babylon.

Plea to Diehard Catholics & Protestants to Repent

In trying to keep the letter of the law the Pharisees violated the heart of the law.

Yeshua never said that, rather Yeshua commended the Pharisees for keeping the letter of the law but instructed them to keep the spirit of the law too (offering examples that magnified what He meant; expanded and expounded upon the Law)- diametrically opposite of what you treacherously teach, even though Yeshua warned of such false teachers who would do such things, rebels who hate God and His Law and prefer idolatrous traditions and unclean doctrines and self-righteous ideas of men, especially those of the Romanizers (1 John 2:4).

Matthew 5:17-20
17 “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill [magnify, fill out, expand the letter of the law to include the spirit of the law]. 18 For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled [plenty yet to be fulfilled]. 19 Whoever therefore breaks one of the least of these commandments, and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I say to you, that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.

Luke 11:42
But woe to you Pharisees! For you tithe mint and rue and all manner of herbs, and pass by justice and the love of God. These you ought to have done, WITHOUT LEAVING THE OTHER UNDONE.

Do You Prefer TRADITION Over Truth?

The Pharisees kept the correct Sabbath and holy days and dietary laws, but had added unnecesary and entangling traditions - and Yeshua, as a Pharisee, set them straight. The counterfeit Christians today, falling for Rome's religious lies, accursed replacement theology, prostrate themselves before the pagan popes, and don't even keep the correct Sabbath or holy days, preferring their perverted whitewashed pagan holidays and SUNday. Unlike the Pharisees who were right in the letter of the law, apostate "Christians" aren't right in the letter or spirit of the law! Yeshua wants no part of "Christian" paganism and hates their religious abominations that misrepresent Him.

The Plain Truth About Easter

Unclean Christianity vs. Peter's Vision

C.H. Spurgeon on Christmas and Roman Catholicism


The day the earth stood still

The day the earth stood still
By Gerald Weston
Sabbath, January 10, 2009

My wife and I rarely go to the movies, but I decided to shock her and we went to see The Day the Earth Stood Still. Okay, I know that isn’t much of a treat, but it seemed better than the alternatives. This is a science fiction remake about an outer space human-like visitor who, with his faithful indestructible robot, comes to Earth on an important mission.

As with so much science fiction, it contains an element of truth, but in this case it is missing a very important twist. As the story goes, there are only a very few locations in the cosmos that are capable of sustaining life, and planet earth is one of them. Man is seen as hopelessly violent by nature and, given enough time, he will destroy all life from this planet. Therefore, the collective wisdom of confederated life elsewhere is that the planet is more important than pernicious man, and so samples of all other life forms must be collected in celestial arks prior to eliminating him.

After the United States military does everything within its capabilities and fails to defeat the giant indestructible robot, the only hope left is for the heroine and her precocious stepson to convince the friendly human-like alien representative that man can change. Her argument is that when faced with extinction, mankind will learn to love one another. And here is where we drift from science fiction into fairy tale.

As the late General Douglas MacArthur stated so eloquently, “If we will not devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door. The problem basically is theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character that will synchronize with our almost matchless advances … of the past two thousand years.” Yes, we can harness the atom, go to the moon, and write an encyclopedia on a small coin-sized crystal, but we cannot live in peace.

You may be surprised to know that nearly 2000 years ago the Bible predicted that we would come to this crossroads. “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved [alive]” (Matthew 24:22). This means that without the intervention of Jesus Christ at the last minute, we would actually accomplish the unthinkable, and not even the reality of our own imminent extinction will cause us to change. Since the cold war proliferation of the hydrogen bomb and development of chemical and biological weapons, man has steadily moved to the place where Christ’s prophecy can be fulfilled.

Many thought the world would be a safer place with the fall of the Soviet Union, but those hopes have been shattered. Many would cheer the fall of the United States, but who will fill the vacuum? Will China bring about a more compassionate world? What about a resurgent Russia with its KGB leadership?

Bible prophecy shows that there is a third power that will step up to the plate. It may look good at first, but in the end it will start a chain of events and wars that will bring man to the brink of extinction, just as Jesus predicted. That third power is a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, which is even now struggling to come together on the European continent. But how can all these competing European countries coalesce into a unit that will act as one? Napoleon, Hitler, and others came to power during times of severe financial stress. Will we see the same happen today? Will a strong leader step forward who will persuade the nations to trade freedom for hope and solve the economic morass in which Europe finds itself?

This may well happen, but the Bible also indicates two other factors that will bring together iron and clay. The first is a threat from the Middle East and the second is a charismatic religious leader. To learn more about the future of Europe and how it will affect you, no matter where you live, check out our booklet, The Beast of Revelation.


The GOOD NEWS is that Yeshua, the King of the Jews, the King of Israel (all 12 Tribes of Israel) first and foremost, will return and save us from men, not just from sins, because of God's great love for our forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

This national and international GOOD NEWS message will increasingly have greater appeal and relevance to our imminent captive audience of British-Israelites and Jews (conquered by the German-Jesuit EU), who will need a national deliver, not just a spiritual savior, a Priest and a King! The Two Witnesses in Jerusalem will herald the coming of our King.

Come Lord Yeshua and save us!

The REAL JESUS Can't Return Until...

Why Israel Will Survive a Nuclear Holocaust

International Opposition to Jerusalem's Liberation

Kingdom of God-Beings to Rule Earth from Jerusalem!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Thailand, Herbert Armstrong and Elephants

Elephant nation: Saving the big grays
'Asia hero' says rescue work 'makes my heart smile'
By Anthony C. LoBaido

© 2009 WorldNetDaily
Editor's Note: This past summer, Anthony C. LoBaido spent nine weeks documenting and photographing the horrific plight of abused elephants in both Thailand and Sri Lanka.


Herbert W. Armstrong* used to be excellent friends with King Bhumibol and Queen Sirikit of Thailand (she even visited Ambassador College Campus in Pasadena, California), so I read Anthony C. LoBaido's article about elephants in Thailand with great interest - besides being an animal lover and having been blessed to have seen some elephants in the wild (in Kruger National Park in South Africa).

*King of Thailand, a leader by righteous example,
invites Church of God members to his celebration



Dry Bones

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Dangerous German Ambitions

As timely now (if not more), as then, consider these quotes:

Germany - an emerging superpower? Comparisons with the 1930s
Sara Moore [The European Journal, May 2008]
Having previously written two major books, Peace without Victory for the Allies 1918-1932 and How Hitler came to Power, Sara Moore offers some valuable insights into Germany as an emerging superpower through drawing comparisons with German power in the 1930s.
In 1994 President Clinton prophesied that Germany would be Europe’s future leader. In the Middle Ages she had been leader of the Holy Roman Empire, which encompassed much of Europe. Later, before the First World War, the Pan German League aimed at creating an empire of all the Germanic peoples under Prussian leadership, which would include all the nations in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also Switzerland, Holland and Belgium and Romania because of her strategic position at the mouth of the Danube. The empire would be bound together first by a customs union, which would prepare the way for the creation of community-wide legal and political institutions. Eventually a Nationalstaat would come into being ‘impelled by the logic of ethnic solidarity, economic pressure, and should it prove necessary, military force’.

Beyond the Treaty, Germany,who stayed firmly in the driving seat during the discussions leading up to the Lisbon Treaty, is now alleged to have ambitions to create a superpower in Europe, with military power and control over taxation. One worries that if things do not go her way she could revert to her old idea of a Germanic empire, which would divide Europe and fragment nations.

As Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall warns its readers: Germany has never surrendered its dream of world domination. Beyond Babylon reveals how Germany's grand design, its politico-religious ambitions, will soon become the world's worst nightmare. Beyond Babylon exposes the intoxicating influence of the Jesuits upon the German mind, and how the Vatican will soon promote Germany to enforce their Pax Romana upon the world, igniting WWIII - based upon the two witnesses of biblical prophecy and history, as Herbert W. Armstrong testified for years.

Germany Behind the Mask

The EU is a German Ruse

Is Germany in Danger of Backsliding?

Germany's Fourth Reich Spreads Its Wings Over the World

Will The Atlantic Times address the German threat?

Is a World Dictator About to Appear?

The Intelligence Summit Misses the Mark: the German-Jesuit Threat to World Peace

Hey Joe!

Joshua Keating's blog
Joe the war correspondent
Thu, 01/08/2009


I've lived throughout Israel (including during the Gulf War)
by David Ben-Ariel on Thu, 01/08/2009

and grew up in Holland where "Joe the Plumber" hails from, and sojourn in Toledo now. If Mr. Wurzelbacher really wants to know what it's like living among folks from all over in Israel, Arabs, Jews, Christians, undecideds, secular, etc. he can feel free to check out my website or blogs and find plenty of ammo and kosher food for thought!

Out of Africa

It appears what Mr. Manning is saying, is you can take the Black Man out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of the Black Man - except by a miracle from God.

Africa has contributed NOTHING to world civilization, unlike White Israelites blessed by God to bless all mankind, and in whose countries a relatively few Black Men & Women have produced greatness of one form or another.

May God bless every man & woman, every family & tribe, to recognize our God-given places and prosper in them.

Race Matters

President Barack Obama sound good to you?

Black to Africa: Facing the Crisis in Black America

Diversity Demands: Segregate Now!

Chocolate Continent Awaits the Great Black Return!

The English-Speaking Nations of White Israelites

BLACK DAY IN AMERICA: Obama Wins, America Loses

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama has FAILED!

That fraud and foreigner, Barack Hussein Obama, has failed to produce proof of his American citizenship. Will we stop Obama from continuing his flagrant disregard for our American Constitution and blatant disrespect for our American people? Won't we send him back to Africa where he belongs? Barack Hussein Obama is an illegitimate president elect and should be treated as such.

Send Obama packing!

Contact United Church of God

Contact the United Church of God

This is the United Church of God - Preaching the Gospel, Preparing a People
The mission of the United Church of God is to proclaim to the world the little-understood gospel taught by Jesus Christ—the good news of the coming Kingdom of God—and to prepare a people for that Kingdom. This message not only offers great hope for all of humanity, but encompasses the purpose of human existence—why we are here and where our world is headed.

Related Resources
The Church: Help for Greater Growth
Just exactly what is the Church? What is its purpose? Why do you need it? The Church that Jesus Christ founded and directs can be a priceless tool for aiding personal growth.

How Can You Find the Right Church?
Whether to attend church, and which one, are among the most important decisions we can make. What are key factors we should consider?

What Is the Church?
What are the roots, the history, of the Church? What sets apart people whom God calls His own? How does God use the Church to achieve His purposes? What does the Church do for you, and what should its members do for the Church? How can you be part of what God is doing through His Church?

Should You Attend Church?
Many, perhaps even you, have become disillusioned with churches and religious leaders. They wonder what they should do and where they should turn. What does God say?

The Church Jesus Built
What happened to the Church Jesus built? Millions of people profess Christianity; they claim to be members of the Church Jesus founded. But Christianity is a divided religion, composed of hundreds of denominations and schisms. Is the divided Christianity we see around us that Church? Only the Holy Scriptures can provide a reliable answer to this question.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

The Plain Truth About Ron Weinland

Ron Weinland is drunk on his delusions...

Ron Weinland is a FALSE PROPHET and illegitimately claims to be one of the Two Witnesses.


Here is an excerpt from The Darkness at the Crucifixion by A. Alfieri

The Bible says there was a three hour long eclipse of the Sun while Jesus was dying. History says this eclipse was accompanied by a huge earthquake that affected nearly one third the land mass of the Roman Empire. Millions were affected. It was a public spectacle and a world-event. But you never heard any of this. There is a reason.

For 1700 years, all over Europe, people believed there was a world-shaking miracle at the Crucifixion. It was painted, sung about, and written up in histories. All of this was lost during the Enlightenment. You never heard any of this either.

Yet all of this can be carefully documented in great detail no one can dispute.

Our Pathetic Modern State of Ignorance About the Crucifixion - Why this Huge Discrepancy?

The Crucifixion Eclipse was an Affront to Rome, and to all Sun God Religions.

Tiberius Caesar went mad mere weeks after Jesus died, and started a massive purge of Roman elites, killing hundreds to protect his power and throne. No one today knows why he did this, but when the Moon moved to cover the Sun over Jerusalem, the astrologers said it meant that Caesar, the "light" of the Roman world, had to be EXECUTED.

Rome was terrified by and despised the God of Christianity. Why? They treated no other religion with such brutality. Any believer was immediately executed as an enemy of the state. The year Jesus died was ripped out of Roman History books. The infamous Emperor Caligula was actually called mad because of what he wanted to do about the Eclipse. Nero committed suicide because he tried to vaunt himself against Christians. One man actually became Caesar because he was born on the anniversary of the Crucifixion Eclipse, and intended to expand the Solar cults as part of his immortal destiny. It didn't work, he lasted only a few months. The generals who conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD dedicated their victory to the Sun God the Crucifixion Eclipse defamed. You never heard of this history, but its all true.

The Bishops of Pagan Sun Gods were wealthy powerful men of position. It was big business to worship the Sun 2,000 years ago. These men were not about to give up power because the Sun went dark for some Jew dying in Jerusalem. They attacked, joined, morphed, and ultimately gutted the Crucifixion Eclipse story, and we have what's left. But it took them centuries to re-invent the death of Christ, and there is enough evidence left to show all of the ancient world believed in this event. You never heard about this either.

Historians today have only fragments of what happened in the first 300 years of Christianity. They know most of the history is missing. But they don't know why, and they don't know who did it. With no framework, they can't make sense out of the facts they DO have. The Crucifixion Eclipse explains all this.


All natural Solar eclipses last less than 8 minutes. Clearly, the Bible is way off. Embarrassed? Think you can debunk Christianity? Afraid not. New research from astronomy proves the Solar system was uniquely aligned the day Christ day to make this miracle very real.

It's been Sitting in the Heavens for 2,000 Years, where the theologians and the historians never bothered to look.

For the first time ever, detailed scientific proof the Christian religion began because God Almighty moved the Moon halfway across the heavens to obscure the noonday sun over Jerusalem while His Son was dying , and everybody saw it.

God Exists. Everybody saw it 2,000 years ago. Now so can you. Proving God exists is not a matter of faith anymore. Everything else is just Fiction.

The Darkness at the Crucifixion by A. Alfieri

60th wedding anniversary

Living Church of God: Commentary
Commentary: 60th wedding anniversary
What a milestone! Recently my wife and I had the privilege of attending a family celebration for my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. For several weeks my sisters and wife secretly planned a party to honor our parents as they approached six decades together. On a Saturday night at the home of one of my sisters we gathered from near and far to recognize this achievement with lively conversation, food and presents. Click here to read more.

What Really Happened in the Middle East

by David Horowitz Freedom Center
A 10-min. multi-media presentation on the history and background of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Watch this:
What Really Happened in the Middle East

Yes, the world knows and doesn't care about all the facts you've presented, preferring to go by feelings: their murderous hatred and insane jealousy of Jews blinds them to reason (nevertheless, for the one in a million who might change, I'll offer your educational video on my blogs). Yet Jews self-righteously fail to be reasonable too, by refusing to hear Moses out or acknowledge Meir Kahane was right and act upon such Torah wisdom (Malachi 4:4). Your own blood is upon your head and hands until you have a change of heart and go by the Book - not world opinion, not self-righteous and humanist ideas. Life or death, blessings or curses. What will it be? I encourage you to choose LIFE!

It is imperative that there begins, today, a campaign among world Jewry to explain the full extent of the Arab hatred and danger. The complete truth must be told to the masses of good Jews both to justify the need to remove the Arabs and to expose the dangers of the liberal Establishment bloc.

Peace Now: Arabs and Jews Must Go Their Separate Ways
Genesis 15:18 On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, "To your descendants [through Isaac] I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates: 19 the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, 20 Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, 21 Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites."

Israel's Betrayal of the Jews
Let Jews and Israelis examine Israel's betrayal of the Jews before it's too late and Jerusalem suffers under EU occupation.

Israel's Only Way Out: Follow Kahane!
Israel must make concessions, Israel must do this, Israel must do that, while the Arabs continue to get away with mass murder and terrorism (while promising peace and feigning ignorance), aided and abetted by the international community...