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Here is an excerpt from The Darkness at the Crucifixion by A. Alfieri

The Bible says there was a three hour long eclipse of the Sun while Jesus was dying. History says this eclipse was accompanied by a huge earthquake that affected nearly one third the land mass of the Roman Empire. Millions were affected. It was a public spectacle and a world-event. But you never heard any of this. There is a reason.

For 1700 years, all over Europe, people believed there was a world-shaking miracle at the Crucifixion. It was painted, sung about, and written up in histories. All of this was lost during the Enlightenment. You never heard any of this either.

Yet all of this can be carefully documented in great detail no one can dispute.

Our Pathetic Modern State of Ignorance About the Crucifixion - Why this Huge Discrepancy?

The Crucifixion Eclipse was an Affront to Rome, and to all Sun God Religions.

Tiberius Caesar went mad mere weeks after Jesus died, and started a massive purge of Roman elites, killing hundreds to protect his power and throne. No one today knows why he did this, but when the Moon moved to cover the Sun over Jerusalem, the astrologers said it meant that Caesar, the "light" of the Roman world, had to be EXECUTED.

Rome was terrified by and despised the God of Christianity. Why? They treated no other religion with such brutality. Any believer was immediately executed as an enemy of the state. The year Jesus died was ripped out of Roman History books. The infamous Emperor Caligula was actually called mad because of what he wanted to do about the Eclipse. Nero committed suicide because he tried to vaunt himself against Christians. One man actually became Caesar because he was born on the anniversary of the Crucifixion Eclipse, and intended to expand the Solar cults as part of his immortal destiny. It didn't work, he lasted only a few months. The generals who conquered Jerusalem in 70 AD dedicated their victory to the Sun God the Crucifixion Eclipse defamed. You never heard of this history, but its all true.

The Bishops of Pagan Sun Gods were wealthy powerful men of position. It was big business to worship the Sun 2,000 years ago. These men were not about to give up power because the Sun went dark for some Jew dying in Jerusalem. They attacked, joined, morphed, and ultimately gutted the Crucifixion Eclipse story, and we have what's left. But it took them centuries to re-invent the death of Christ, and there is enough evidence left to show all of the ancient world believed in this event. You never heard about this either.

Historians today have only fragments of what happened in the first 300 years of Christianity. They know most of the history is missing. But they don't know why, and they don't know who did it. With no framework, they can't make sense out of the facts they DO have. The Crucifixion Eclipse explains all this.


All natural Solar eclipses last less than 8 minutes. Clearly, the Bible is way off. Embarrassed? Think you can debunk Christianity? Afraid not. New research from astronomy proves the Solar system was uniquely aligned the day Christ day to make this miracle very real.

It's been Sitting in the Heavens for 2,000 Years, where the theologians and the historians never bothered to look.

For the first time ever, detailed scientific proof the Christian religion began because God Almighty moved the Moon halfway across the heavens to obscure the noonday sun over Jerusalem while His Son was dying , and everybody saw it.

God Exists. Everybody saw it 2,000 years ago. Now so can you. Proving God exists is not a matter of faith anymore. Everything else is just Fiction.

The Darkness at the Crucifixion by A. Alfieri

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