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The Throne of David

Is King David's Throne On The Earth Today?
by COG Member

God told David: "When you die, your son after you will build a house to Me, and I will establish the throne of his kingdom forever ( 2 Sam. 7:12,13), The Throne of David ( 2 Sam. 7:16), God said "Your throne shall be established for ever" ( 2 Sam. 7:16), this is God's promise "Forever".

So, can we believe the Eternal, David believed Him, as is stated in (2 Sam. 7:19, 25,26, 29), and also David said: "Let Your name be magnified forever"( 2 Sam.7:26), also in Psalms where the Eternal Says: of David "I have found my servant David; With My holy oil I have anointed him ( Psalms 89:20), his seed shall endure forever, and His throne as the days of heaven, his seed shall endure, his throne as the sun before Me, it shall be established forever before Me.(Ps. 89:29, 36,37).

So, is God true? Is His name magnified? Is the spoken word of God to be believed, as well as the written word? Is there proof that it is? Yes, even to this day, God said "I will not lie to David, nor alter the word , which has gone forth from My Lips ( Ps. 89:34,35). These are strong words, and on these words hangs all of God's words, if these words cannot be believed, then what can be believed.

For God's words to be true, there has to be a throne of David, even today in modern times, or God's words were not true.

Now when when the kingdom of Israel split from Judah (1 Kings 11:31-35), was there still a line of David? Yes ( 1 Kings 11:36).

Then for several hundred years, there were the separate Kingdoms Israel, and Judah, of which the line of David was ruling, then Israel was taken captive ( 2 Kings 17:18), but the line of David still ruled in Jerusalem (:18)

Then about 130 years later, as Judah (The Jews) followed Israel into debauchery, then they followed them into slavery, and the king of Babylon placed Zedekiah in as a vassal king, and the line of David was still there, but Zedekiah rebelled against the king of Babylon (2 Kings 24:20), therefore they took Zedekiah to Babylon, and then they Killed the Son's of Zedekiah( 2 Kings 25:7).

Now Apparently the Line of David was ended, but for God's words, which are always true.

Now Jeremiah the Prophet, had been prophecying that the Jews would be defeated by Babylon, and the Babylonians were well aware of it, so the captain of the guard freed Jeremiah and gave him rations and a gift ( Maybe a nice sum of money) and said "You are free to go wherever you want to go ( Jer. 40:6).

Now Jeremiah was in charge of a band of people, with the blessings of the King of Babylon, and some of those in the band of people, included Zedekiah's daughters( Jer. 43:6), Baruch, who was his assistant, who had been promised his life, ( Jer. Ch 45).

So, there we have it, Jeremiah was in charge of the Kings daughters, with the freedom to go anywhere he wanted to. So , where did he go? He went to Ireland, where for centuries the Danites and Phoeniceans had migrated, especially before and at the time of the captivity of Israel, hence the Fenians of Ireland, and the name of Dan, being so prolific in Ireland, also the Phoenicians and the tribe of Dan were like blood brothers, as both abode in ships, and both spoke the same Hebrew language, and unfortunately, Dan was very quick to follow the Phoenician's pagan gods.

The Danites, which in many cases have been confused with being Phoenicians, and Vice-versa, had the best and most sea-worthy ships known to mankind, probably up to modern times, and they could carry hundreds of people, and weather mighty storms, and undoubtedly, there was much commerce between Hibernia ( Ireland) Judah, Israel, Tuscany, Greece, Babylon and other nations, and remember, some of the earliest peoples known in the Emerald Island, were called the "Tuatha De Danaan" ( The Tribe Of Dan), and they'd been migrating for centuries to Ireland.

Jeremiah had the job of plucking up the royal line ( The King's daughters), and removing it to another place, Hence the royal line of David, from Jerusalem ( Jer. 45:4), to Ireland to Scotland, To England. Tradition has it that Jeremiah had with him a group of people, including the Kings daughters, and a helper Named Simon Brach ( Baruch), artifacts, like a stone, a harp ( Perhaps David's), and other items from the temple, and strangely enough Ireland's national symbol is the "Harp of David", when people came to Ireland, in around 600 B.C. , they found that Ireland had a royal line up and running, and it was an ancient line.

So, now to be truthful, according to the scriptures, there has to be the Royal House of David on this Earth, or else the Creator lied to King David, so , who fills the bill? The British Royal House, and It has been the greatest and most powerful, if not the most ancient royal house on the Earth, it came from Ireland, to Scotland,to England, and the Monarchs are crowned over Jacob's pillar stone, and have been for eons, just as were the kings of Israel, and later Judah, in Britain, many gift shops and museums have the lineage of Elizabeth II , and it goes right through Scotland, Ireland, Zedekiah, all the way to Adam.

Now, here is the kicker, when the British monarch is coronated, these words are read, and they come from a very ancient ceremony.

The hymn being ended, the Archbishop shall say:
O Lord and heavenly Father,the exalter of the humble and the strength of thy chosen,who by anointing with Oil didst of oldmake and consecrate kings, priests, and prophets,to teach and govern thy people Israel:Bless and sanctify thy chosen servant ELIZABETH,who by our office and ministryis now to be anointed with this Oil.

Now does this prove To the British that they are Israel? No, because to fulfill prophecy, many or most of those who are of Israel do not know, because they are blinded to it.

"The ox knows it's owner, and the donkey it's master's crib, but Israel doesn't know, My People do not understand ( Isa.1:3).


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