Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tomorrow's World - Current Issue

Tomorrow's World magazine:

Feature Story
How Could I Possibly Know?
Five key events are coming together that will change our world forever. Though most “prophecy teachers” have no idea, God’s people can know with certainty, from Scripture, what is about to happen that will soon usher in Jesus Christ’s return as King of kings!

Cover Story
The Good Life in Hard Times
God has given the American and British-descended nations great blessings over the years. But now, as those blessings are dwindling, what can be done? The good news is that God shows His people how to live by His Way, and to have tremendous blessings individually even in times of national crisis.

Growth of a Strongman: Germany Rising Again!
As economic crisis batters the European Union, one nation stands poised to take a greater leadership role than ever before. Germany is now positioning itself as the “savior” of a troubled continent. What does Bible prophecy say about all this?

Who Was Jesus?
Most of us have our own idea about Jesus, formed from what other people have taught us. But have you ever really looked at what the Bible says about Jesus Christ? What was He doing when He was on planet Earth—and what is He doing now for you, and for your future?

TW Bible Course Goes Online!
The Tomorrow’s World Bible Study Course is now available online! This Bible Study Course will take you through your own Bible and make plain the answers to many questions such as: Why study the Bible today? Are we living in the last days? Can you understand Bible prophecy?

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