Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pray for Carmen Fafard

Re: Worldwide Church of God Spokesman Club


My name is Josee Reuling. My parents, Gilles Fafard (deceased) and Carmen Fafard were longtime members of the Worldwide Church of God years ago. We grew up in the Church, but unfortunately have not been members in the Church for many, many years. My dad was a member up until his death in April, 2002. Some members of the Church were at my dad’s funeral and their presence meant the world to me, and I know would have meant a lot to my dad as well.

At any rate, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer about one year ago and has undergone all treatment including chemotherapy and radiation. She is very weak and in dire need of prayer right now. I fear she will not make it much longer without God’s help and our prayers. I ask that you please add her to your prayer request list. I am sure that there are still members of the Church who will remember my mom and dad. They are/were French Canadian and are/were very loving, caring people.

Anything you can do will certainly be appreciated by me and my brothers (and certainly my mom). Thank you in advance.

Very Sincerely,

Josee Reuling
Kerger & Hartman, LLC
33 S. Michigan Street, Suite 100
Toledo, OH 43604


I know you and your parents. My name used to be David Hoover but is now David Ben-Ariel.

I will definitely pray for your mother.

Love and prayers,
David Ben-Ariel

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