Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kibbutz pictures reacquaint friends

Kibbutz pictures reacquaint friends

I'm very happy to have already received a few responses from my fellow kibbutz volunteers, due to pictures I've posted. :-)

So far I've managed to post pictures from:

Kibbutz Shoval, a rose in the Negev desert
Kibbutz Adamit photos
Pictures of Kibbutz Reshafim volunteers!
Kibbutz Regavim
Moshav Kfar Haim
Waves of Memories of Sdot Yam
Ramat Yohanan

From Ramat Yohanan:

This was a wonderful time in my our lives. I remember Ilan. I remember us & that Dutch guy we accidently on purpose walked into Lebanon :D

I also have many lovely photos I'm eager to share & will share as soon as I am able.

Our friendship was/is a gift. I'm so glad to have reconnected w/u. I'm tempted to say next year in Jerusalem or NY.

...Shelia emailed me the next day about the photos u posted. Did she contact u? One of the photos u have of me wearing a shirt w/a balloon on it & I'm not looking directly into the camera is very special would u mind sending it to me. Please I totally love it I may even make it into poster size. Please please send it. Thanks in advance :)

Gwen Anne Strum
Jamaica, NY

From Sdot Yam:

Hello David,

I have been getting nostalgic in the past year and usually google Sdot-Yam. I see your name everywhere and I just smile. I loved seeing the pictures, and just remembering that part of my life does me good. I have been in search of Anja Zerwas for many years now, just seeing her picture on your website has renewed some hope that I may still find her. I miss Donna as well, she was always good to talk with when things were rather dismal, do you hear from her at all?

There is a website called, it's for volunteers and ulpan students. I was surprised not to see your name and story on the list. I saw the picture you had of me on top of Masada with the machine gun, I have that picture on my fridge.

... the pictures are fantastic. Thank you David, there is something very comforting about looking at old photos...

I have to say what shocked me most about you was your brilliant writing ability, and here I thought you were just another pretty face. I had no idea you are such a deep thinker. I look forward to getting out to the bookstore and buying it.

Would love to hear from you again,

Veronica Pierce

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