Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Maccabees didn't pray and do nothing

Chanukah amidst Crisis
by Emuna Braverman
These are dark times. But they are not the first ones we have faced.

The Maccabees didn't pray and do nothing to lift themselves out of the abyss of darkness the Hellenists plunged them into, but rose up like sparks of holy fire and ascended the Temple Mount and liberated it from foreign occupation and purified it. What are Jews and Israelis waiting for today? Where is the light on the Temple Mount? Where is the glow of the Menorah upon the Temple Mount that could warm the hearts and light the way for Jews and British-Israelites and righteous Gentiles worldwide? "Those days, these days"?

Where's the Temple On the Temple Mount?
Jews Must Demand Rights to Temple Mount
Restore Israeli Sovereignty Over Temple Mount

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