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Sheik Palazzi expresses solidarity with David Ben-Ariel

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Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2005 19:46:21 +0200

To: "David Ben-Ariel"
From: Istituto Culturale della Comunita' Islamica Italiana
Subject: Re: Update on visa for Israel

Dear David,
I am simply shocked by what I read. I knew the Israeli government is becoming hard, cruel and dictatorial toward opposition groups (the wife of an activists protesting against disengagement was recently sent to jail together with her month years old daughter) but I never suspected this kind of attitude was extended not only to Israeli citizens, but to Zionist American citizens visiting Israel, too. Plenty of U.S. leftists regularly visit Israel in order to campaign against Israel and to support PLO, and they are not treated in the way you were treated.

Please, accept my solidarity.

All the best,
Sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi

At 16.44 Saturday 08/13/2005, you wrote:

Shabbat shalom Sheik Palazzi,
Here is the information you kindly requested:

IF the Israeli authorities truly suspected me of being involved in such a dangerous activity, they would have NEVER RELEASED ME with only my passport in their hands. As for those others allegedly involved in some plot, that were "still at large" - THEY'RE STILL AT LARGE to this day, NINE YEARS LATER, because they don't exist! And, just like NINE YEARS AGO I protested my innocence, I continue to this day doing the same, consistent, honest and true, as God knows, and as they very well know.

Israel's Unjust Deportation of David Ben-Ariel

From Toledo to Jerusalem

American Detained in Jerusalem's Russian Compound

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Most sincerely yours,
David Ben-Ariel

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