Monday, December 22, 2008

Zimbabwe's nightmare ... a lesson for us

Living Church of God: Commentary
Zimbabwe's nightmare ... a lesson for us
It is too easy to be overwhelmed by the statistics and not consider the agony. It is too easy to dismiss the headlines as something happening "far away." But today, men, women and children just like you are suffering and dying in Zimbabwe in a hopeless, hellish nightmare.
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I read more and was disappointed, grieved, to see how horribly shallow the article was with this bottom line paragraph:

Zimbabwe’s nightmare is a lesson for us. It is a lesson in compassion, and underscores the urgent need for Christ to return. This is why we pray earnestly that “Thy Kingdom come” (Luke 11:2). But, Zimbabwe is also a picture of our future. Disaster has overtaken Zimbabwe. Do we think we are immune?

What a nightmare that the Living Church of God, who are supposed to be Children of Light, would keep folks in the dark about the real lessons we are to learn from raped Rhodesia, and why disaster has overtaken Zimbabwe (and soon the United States) - White Israelites have lost their God-given country to Gentiles and need to repent to receive national forgiveness and restoration.

Why does the Living Church of God contribute to this famine of information when they have plenty to share to help relieve it? It is cruel to withhold this vital knowledge! Why does the Living Church of God fail to share the plain truth that could set folks free? Where is the compassion in that?

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